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Sample 2 - Labelled (Female)


Generation Time: 

Tongue ID:

Face ID: 



This patient is               whose age range was 


  • Face color

  • Lip color

  • Tongue coating color

  • Tongue color

  • Thick index

  • Macroglossia index

  • Judgment of fissured tongue

  • Judgment of tooth marks

  • Smooth or shiny index

  • Constitutional types

  • Scale for osteoporosis

  • Frailty assessment scale

  • Scale for geriatric depression



L115/a142/b157 Labelled as 4 (cyan)

L103/a148/b136 Labelled as 1 (pale)

L159/a141/b139 Labelled as 1 (yellow)

L133/a135/b100 Labelled as 1 (pale white)

Labelled as 1 (with tooth marks)

Labelled as 0 (without cracks)

Labelled as 0 (thin moss)

Labelled as 0 (normal tongue)


Labelled as frail


Labelled as qi asthenia and yin asthenia

Labelled as 1 (less shiny)

Opinion for clinical imaging examination:

The patient's bone density suggested a decrease in bone mass; a lumbar X-ray examination revealed a slight compression of lumbar 1.

Opinion for laboratory indicators:

Blood routine, liver function, kidney function, electrolyte, heart function and other indicators are basically normal.25 (OH) D is slightly reduced, and the ESR is slightly increased.

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