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Nurse Knows Nurse Temporary Page

We are coworking together to cofound a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization, a type of bottom-up entity structure with no central authority). We call it as Nurse Knows Nurse and registered a domain of We have dozens of initiators and pros to help anyone who wants to participate in the US medical domain as a registered nurse or nurse practitioner. Our business involves helping get authentication for nursing exams, training or teaching to pass the exams, and assisting in job hunting (eligible for US work authorization).

If you want to participate in this project, feel free to finish this survey; thanks.  

Initiator Invitation Meeting By Chunlei (Towne) Tang, PhD (YouTube) (BiliiBili)
1 Towne's Harvard Gazette & ACM-W links
2 Towne's Books
3 about WEB3
4 A Competitor: Custom Avatar 

5 Gigs' Taxes 
6 Generative AI Tech for NKN (YouTube) (BiliBili)

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NCLEX-RN Handous By Hong Xu, RN (Modified by Chunlei Tang, PhD)

This is a temporary page summarizing the NCLEX-RN handout from May 2023 to December 2023.

We also provide two free question banks on Undemy: 

Class 1

Medical Surgical

Class 2


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